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重庆时时彩正确玩法 www.cwqcn.tw   项目名称:千禧维讯科技公司
  北京千禧维讯科技有限公司(MVT)是一家专注于通信专业服务领域,提供多厂家、多产品、跨区域、多层次通讯专业服务的高新技术企业。通过与客户高层的反复沟通,本案则定位为家庭、学校、军队三种文化相结合的设计理念。二层安装、售后团队,就像军队一样 专业、专注、专心、严谨,为客户提供技术保障,本层设计采用军队的绿色为主色调;三层培训、战略部就像学校一样包容、立德、立人、成长,本层设计采用简洁的、进步的蓝色、灰色为主色调。四层就像家庭一样为员工提供温暖、放松、安全、平等的健身休闲空间,本层设计采用温暖、快乐、有趣的橙红色、黄色为主色调。公司骨干员工为多为70、80后,90后作为新鲜的血液也为公司带来了新气象。家庭、学校、军队的设计理念让空间更开放,二层、三层办公区均采用白色家具配合大面积的落地窗及裸顶天花让空间通透、现代??攀降牟杷洳捎貌噬残蔚醵?,让氛围活跃、让思想飞扬。
  Beijing MVT Professional Service Co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on the field of communication services which are multi-manufacturer, multi-product, inter-district and multi-level. After the discussion and negotiation with the senior executives of the company, this case is designed to combine the three cultures together---family, school and army. The installation and post-sales team of the second floor is just like the army. They are professional, warm-hearted and careful, providing the customers with technology support. For this floor, we use the green color of army as the main color tone. The training and strategy department of the third floor is just like the school. They are growing with integrity and energy. For this floor, we use the blue and grey color as the main colors to create a tidy space. The fourth floor will help offer a space which is relaxing, safe, equal and warm. For this floor, we use orange and yellow as the main colors to highlight the warmth and happiness. The key staff for the company is mainly post-70s and post-80s. The post-90s also bring energy and enthusiasm to the company. The designing concept of family, army and school makes the space open and bigger. White furniture and extensive French windows and naked ceiling are used on the second and third floor. A colorful round-shape suspended ceiling is used for the tea room. This makes the space more active and makes the mind freer.