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重庆时时彩正确玩法 www.cwqcn.tw   項目名稱:天九集團辦公新址裝修
  Dish of happiness holding group was founded in 1992, is a collection of private equity investment, incubation of listed companies, chain, speed up for the integration of large enterprise groups, across the country 30 provinces (municipalities/autonomous regions) have 56 wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies, 16 stock-sharing company. The group headquarter located in financial investment.
  Contemporary and contracted is the core idea of the case design. The modelling of fashionable office space does not need too much of light and color. Reject fragmentary space partition, remove the color of the packing and decoration... Make the space look, Jane and not numerous. I am advocating simple and contracted, emphasized a kind of the return of the soul. Jane and not empty, numerous and have send. The office environment of open mode, can help to reduce your work pressure, let employees % space reasonable planning